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Direct Register Shares from Avanza

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Avanza charges a $30(US) or 300 SEK fee for each DRS transfer. This means each time you want to direct register shares of a specific stock (no matter how many shares) you are charged $30 or 300 SEK.

Avanza also requires you have an existing Computershare US account before they will directly register your shares.

Therefore, they will ask you for a Computershare account number. For security reasons it is not recommended to give this information to your broker, but in this case there may not be another choice. With Computershare accounts, the account number is the "key" that allows brokers to authorize a transfer of shares out of the DRS and back to the broker.

If you provide your account number to initiate the transfer, it is recommended to protect your Computershare account by making a small change to your name or address to block any unauthorized attempts at withdrawing your direct registered shares. Such as adding or removing a middle initial, or making a subtle enough change to your address that you can still receive your snail mail (add or remove a borough, or a space in your postal/zip code).

Only do this when you are confident you are finished transferring your shares from your broker to the DRS, and if you are confident you do not want to move your shares back to your broker.

If you don't have a Computershare US account:

The only way to open one as a non-US citizen is to transfer shares to them, which is possible with IBKR (see our guide for directly registering from IBKR here), or to use

AF Vs ISK account:

Only shares in an AF account can be transferred. If you bought shares in an ISK account and wish to direct register them, the only option is to sell the ISK shares and repurchase them in your AF account.

Once your Computershare account is open:

Save a copy of a DRS Advice Report from Computershare (Avanza need this to verify you have an account with Computershare). To get a DRS Advice Report:

  • Go to

  • Click on “Login to Investor Center”.

  • Login using the username, and password you have created.

  • Click on "Documents" on the top menu.

  • Select GameStop Corp.

  • Make sure it says “DRS Advice” under the “Type” column and click on the “View PDF” button.

  • Right click on the document and click “Save Page As” and make sure it saves as a PDF file.

  • Alternatively you can click on the print icon in the top right of the page, and from the printer drop down menu select “Save to PDF”.

  • Then click “Save”​​.

Now you can take the document to Avanza and request the transfer:

  • Login to Avanza.

  • Make sure your $30 or 300 SEK for the transfer fee is settled in your account.

  • Identify with Bank ID.

  • Go to "Profile".

  • Select “Meddelanden” (Messages).

  • Select “Skriv Nytt” (Write New).

  • Fill out the form:

    • Ämne (Subject): DRS to Computershare.

    • Min fråga gäller konto (Select Account): Select your CASH/AF account.

    • Frågan gäller (Question About): Överföring ava kiter (Transfer of Shares).

  • Meddelande (Message):

    • Say: “Jag skulle vilja direktregistrera X antal av mina aktier hos Gamestop corp. till Computershare från mitt AF konto (XXXX). Jag har bifogat mitt DRS-advice från Computershare".

Be sure to include:

  • Your Avanza account number, full name, phone number, email address, Tax ID.

  • Your Computershare account number.

  • The stock (GameStop), its ticker (GME), and its CUSIP (36467W109).

  • How many shares you want to transfer.

  • The Transfer Agent's name, DTC number, and address. In GameStop's case that's: Computershare US. DTC# 7807. Computershare Trust Company, N.A., P.O. Box 505005, Louisville, KY 40233-5005.

  • Optional: If you want the shares ordered in Last In First Out (newest shares transferred first), or First In First Out (oldest shares transferred first).

  • Be sure to attach the DRS Advice you saved from Computershare earlier.

If you have an existing Computershare account:

Your broker will DRS transfer the shares based on your name and address. As a result, a second account may be created for you. This can be for a few reasons, such as a middle initial existing on one account, but not the other. If your name and address match exactly, then the transfer will process within the normal amount of time. If not, then it will take another 2-4 weeks for the account to be made and the DRS Account Statement sent out to you.

Tax Form:

At this stage it is important to first verify your tax status as a non-US citizen. While logged into your account, go to the My Profile tab, then “Tax Details”. A guide on how to fill in the W-8 BEN form is linked here.

You must fill in the W-8 BEN form before you buy any shares through Computershare, or add your banking information (especially if it's a US dollar account). Otherwise you will be assumed to be a US citizen.



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