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More Advocacy Projects & Resources

The team of volunteers at are not the only passionate investors spending their time and resources to altruistically empower retail shareholders everywhere.

The events that occurred in January 2021 (surrounding GameStop and other publicly traded companies having the ability to purchase stocks be restricted by several brokers to protect larger market players), were a catalyst for the advocacy of financial reform. Please take the time to engage with the efforts and resources here in order to develop a more complete picture, and to find the best way to help if you choose.

We The Investors

We The Investors (WTI) is the largest and most conventional advocacy path listed here. With dual mandates of legislative proposals and retail education, it seeks to leverage expert leadership in combination with providing a modern answer to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

WTI has drafted and delivered a letter with 71,000 signatures supporting reform in the financial markets, sat with the SEC to discuss alternatives to current Payment for Order Flow (PFOF) regulation, and is more recently collecting signatures for an ambitious and broad second letter which details much more specific change-including direct registration as a transparent and available option for more retail investors.

SEC comments.png

SEC Public Comments

A major way to have your voice heard as an individual investor is to leave comments on SEC proposals. We The Investors provides some guidance on how you can do this.


Engagement with the public directly from the highest level of federal government is rare, and it’s crucial investors take advantage of this opportunity to have their voice be heard. To send in a comment, you can follow these steps:

  1. The subject line must include the File Number. 

  2. Attach your comment letter as a PDF (Word or Text docs are also ok).

  3. Send the email to

OpenBB Trading Terminal

While it began as the “Gamestonk terminal”, it has become the largest open source trading terminal freely available to all retail investors everywhere.


Thanks to this resource, anyone can boast the same access that conventionally has been pricewalled by Bloomberg - and anyone can improve it through public discord and github discussion.


Direct Registration Calculator

This project creates a real time approximation of total share ownership of GameStop corp shares.


Public filing data is sourced for insider and institutional ownership, and retail ownership for GameStop has been successfully tracked within 5% through the use of a scraper program that tracks volunteered positions from users.


Visitors are able to include or remove ownership types and track progress as retail investors seek to take control of their investment by moving it into their own name. 

Quiver Quantative

This project tracks the stock trading of members of congress, as well as various trading strategies touted by media influencers. Not to mention all kinds of non-traditional data that can help you make better investment decisions.


The data it scrapes and aggregates on this dashboard is incredibly valuable to anyone looking to invest, or anyone looking to see how the rich and powerful invest. It's also completely free to use.

quiver quant.png
stonk o tracker.png


This site tracks all publicly available info on some heavily shorted stocks, and publishes it all in once convenient place.


It includes options data for puts and calls, failure to deliver stats and short sale restrictions.


This project is another testiment to how data driven the retail investor community is.

Library of Due Diligence

This library of information contains scans and PDF backups of many community research efforts which came from GameStop retail investors.


The selection of intense information contained here was contributed by hundreds and reviewed by hundreds of thousands.


It is a true example of crowd sourced research with fact checking and peer review. An independent thinker or journalist's dream come true!

gme fyi.png
Ape Historian Archives.png

The Ape Historian's Archives

This site is not just a compilation of the important and movement-defining due diligence, which has been backed up and made available for all parties to review.


This staggering project includes all the posts, comments, and conversations that have been held on several GameStop and general investing subreddits. All preserved in one place.


Visitors are able to search by multiple criteria to find granular information, and all posts and comments are recorded here, so that deleted posts or user comments are not lost to time.

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