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DAO Proposals

Proposals will be made on, they will be voted on by holders of the NFTs (currently genesis tokens) that were minted by DRSGME's wallet. These proposals will center around how to move the DRSGME project forward once the ad campaign from donations have been ran. Below are rough ideas that are being considered to formulate into proposals. Please join the subreddit r/DRSyourGME or contact DRSGME via the contact form to discuss them.

Ad Campaign

The primary objective for DRSGME is to highlight and promote DRS, specifically focusing on Gamestop. To continue in that effort, future campaigns direction for fund sourcing and engagement from the community is needed. Future efforts will be highly dependent on the success of the next campaign, leaving this area a bit vague in the short term (while awaiting future voting participation and results).

Token Drops

There are various ways to expand the reach of the DAO and engage the larger community. For example:

  • New tokens could be minted and airdropped to people who post purple circles to the DRSBOT.

  • Some of the genesis NFTs could be dropped to individual contributors.

  • DAO members could decide what to do with any leftover genesis NFTs.

Potential new token distributions may also involve new art creation. There could be an art competition hosted for DRS-related art, to be used as the NFT for these distributions.

The challenge will be how to form the proposals, given the various directions this might take. Voting power might be different depending on the token type, as well. Perhaps the genesis token is worth XX number of votes, while a token received from DRSBOT is worth X number of votes. These are just examples of how future token drops might play out, community feedback will be crucial.

DRSBOT Token Drops

To expand DAO membership and engagement with the community, DRSGME could coordinate with the DRSBOT to drop a token whenever someone posts a purple circle. This would be 1 NFT per account/address, regardless of how many shares are being posted. A few considerations:

  • The voting power would need to be balanced; this group should not be able to take over from the original donors.

  • Some funds would need to be used to cover gas costs to drop this NFT.

  • What art should be used for the NFT?

DRSGME Contributors

As a thank you to anyone who contributes time to the DRSGME project, they could be dropped a genesis NFT (with community approval). There will be extra minted NFTs and it would be a nice boost to send one of those tokens to anyone who has contributed to the project. Maybe it could be one of any of the tokens that gets minted for membership. Being able to hodl the collection for all of the minted tokens for the DAO would be appreciated.

Move Donations on Chain

This proposal would move the donation funds to be on chain in the wallet owned by DRSGME. The benefit to this would be that anyone would be able to see the current balance for DRSGME at any time. Furthermore, access to this wallet could be revoked by individuals at DRSGME, and the only way to move funds out of the wallet is through a proposal. The drawback to this setup is gas fees would be incurred when moving the funds on/off chain.

To note, if the DAO does list any tokens, then the receiving crypto would be in the DAO's wallet and would only be moved out of the wallet with an approved proposal.

While this proposal may add transparency, the other proposals listed here offer more value for where time can be spent engaging with the community and moving the project forward.

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