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Direct Register Shares from Wells Fargo

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Once your shares are settled in Wells Fargo (WellsTrade):

  • You can download and fill in their Letter of Authorization (LOA) form here.

  • Then login and send them the Letter of Authorization through their "Secure Mail" page.

To fill in this document, you will need the following info:

Section 1

  • Wells Fargo account number.

  • Account type (most likely an individual account).

  • Your exact name, as associated with your Wells Fargo account.

  • Under purpose for transfer, you can put any reason you would like. This is more for if you're transferring to, or from a minor.​​

Section 2

You can ignore this section as it's more for cash transfers. You can tick “One-Time Disbursement” or if you leave it blank, then “One-Time Disbursement” is used as default.

Section 3

  • Skip the first little bit. Check the box next to “Send shares to Another Financial Firm”

  • Under “Receiving Account Number” put N/A if you don't have one yet. Even if you do, you should put in N/A. The account number is considered the key to your account. For security reasons, we do not recommend you give your broker the key to your Computershare account.

  • Under “Receiving Account Name” provide your name, or the name you wish your shares to be registered under.

  • Under “Receiving Firm Name” put Computershare.

  • Under “Delivery Instructions” You can put 'In Special DRS Transfer'.

  • Under “Firm or DTC Number” put DTC# 7807.

  • You can ignore the section about "Checks​".

Section 4

  • Here you have some options. If you wanted to move everything out you can check the box next to “All Cash and Securities”. For this guide we will look at the checkbox “Only the securities listed below”.

  • In the table under the checkbox you will need to provide:

    • How many shares you want to transfer.

    • The stock's name/ticker (GameStop/GME), its CUSIP (36467W109).

    • The final column can be left blank as it's only for repeating transfers.​

Section 5

  • In this section you just need to sign, and print (clearly written name).

  • Date it.

  • You can ignore the “Office Use Only” areas.

  • Now the form is filled out:

  • You can scan it in.

  • Login to WellsTrade.

  • Click on the mail icon on the right side of the screen.

  • Click on “Send Documents Through Secure Mail”.

  • Attach the LOA (paper clip icon).

  • Click on “Send”.

  • Click on “Folders”.

You're done! The transfer will take 3-5 business days to process once received by the transfers team.

If you don't have an existing Computershare account:

The broker and Computershare will take care of the transfer and open a Computershare account for you. This will take another 2-3 business days.

If you have an existing Computershare account:

Your broker will transfer the shares based on your name and address. As a result, a second account may be created for you. This can be for a few reasons, such as a middle initial existing on one account, but not the other. If your name and address match exactly, then the transfer will process within the normal amount of time. If not, then it will take another 2-3 business days.

Your broker may ask you for a Computershare account number. For security reasons we do not recommend giving this information to your broker. With Computershare accounts, the account number is the "key" that allows brokers to authorize a transfer of shares out of the DRS and back to the broker.

After your shares leave your broker:

You can wait 3-5 business days for your account statement to arrive in the mail, or you can begin your account creation early by using your SSN. Although if your name and address are entered differently to your broker it may open a second account. To open your account with your SSN:

  • Click on “Login to Investor Center”.

  • Click on “Register Now”.

  • Answer security questions such as Social Security number, ZIP Code, name of the stock that you hold (GameStop).

  • Computershare will then prompt you to create your username, password and security questions.

  • Once your account is created, Computershare will send you a verification letter in the mail.

You can wait 3-5 business days for the verification letter, or you can verify your identity immediately online.

To verify online, Computershare will ask some security questions based on info they take from LexisNexis. Please note, part of the process is to give a question with zero correct answers. So read the questions carefully.

When you receive the verification code letter:

  • Click on “Login to Investor Center”.

  • Login using the username, and password you have created.

  • Then you can enter the verification code.

  • You now have full access to your Computershare account!

  • There is no more need for the verification code.

  • We recommend you now activate your two-step verification (2FA) to improve your account security. You can set this up by going to: "My Profile", then "Account Security Preferences".


If you have any corrections, or know of any other brokers, please let us know through the feedback page!

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