Direct Register Shares from Stockpile

Updated: Aug 11

Stockpile cannot DRS transfer, but they can transfer to another broker for a $75 fee. The $75 has to be in your Stockpile account when you initiate the transfer.

If you do a full account transfer, be sure to download copies of all your documents as you will not be able to access them afterwards.

A popular choice is Fidelity, who can DRS transfer for free, and quickly. Fidelity will even reimburse the $75 transfer fee if you ask.

Stockpile to Fidelity Route:

Open an account with Fidelity. When it asks you how you want to fund your account, select "Transfer from Another Brokerage". You may need to supply a recent Stockpile account statement. Fidelity will pull your shares from Stockpile. This will take roughly 3 days. From there you can follow the Fidelity guide located here.


If you have any corrections, or know of any other brokers, please let us know through the feedback page!