Direct Register Shares from Flatex

Updated: Aug 12

Flatex requires you to have an existing Computershare account. You can open one by buying a share through Give A Share, or a popular route has been through Interactive Brokers (IBKR). They can DRS quickly and for a $5(US) fee, (link to guide here).

Please Note; if you have GS2C shares, you can convert them to GME and transfer to IBKR at the same time using this guide.

Flatex may charge a fee of €80 for a DRS transfer. It is still a new process for them, so this may change.

Once your shares (and €80) are settled in Flatex, you need to use the Flatex Website and send a secure message to the support team indicating that you want to direct register your shares.

  • Ask for your shares to first be transferred within Clearstream from CBF to CBL (necessary to allow transfers to an external custodian).

  • Then provide the following information:

  • Computershare's DTC number: #7807.

  • GameStop's ISIN: US36467W1099.

  • Quantity of GME you want to send to Computershare.

  • Beneficiary owner (bfo): Usually yourself unless you want to gift the shares to somebody else with an existing Computershare account.

  • Your home address.

  • Your Flatex account number.

  • Your Computershare account number.

  • The support agent will take care of the rest.

Once the request is submitted the transfer will take 5-15 business days to process. If you're feeling uncertain you can check in with them by starting a support chat on Flatex's website.

If you have an existing Computershare account:

Your broker will transfer the shares in your name. As a result, a second account may be created for you. This can be for a few reasons, such as a middle initial existing on one account, but not the other. If your name matches exactly, then the transfer will process within 5-15 business days. If not, then it will take another 2-4 weeks for the account to be made and the DRS Account Statement sent out to you.

Tax Form:

At this stage it is important to verify your tax status as a non-US citizen. While logged into your account, go to the My Profile tab, then “Tax Details”. A guide on how to fill in the W-8 BEN form is linked here).


If you have any corrections, or know of any other brokers, please let us know through the feedback page!