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Direct Register Shares from Degiro

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Degiro does not direct register shares, so you need to transfer your shares to another broker that can DRS transfer.

Degiro charges a €56 fee (or €100 in the Netherlands) for each Basic FOP Transfer. This means each time you want to transfer a specific stock (no matter how many shares) you are charged €56 (or €100). You will need to make sure you have €56 (or €100) settled in your account before you can transfer. A popular route has been through Interactive Brokers (IBKR).

The quickest way is to open an Interactive Broker account, buy a share, and request a DRS transfer (link to guide here). While you wait for your Computershare account to be created, you can transfer your shares from Degiro to Interactive Brokers (IBKR) with a Basic FOP Transfer (€56/€100 fee), then from Interactive Brokers (IBKR) to Computershare via DRS transfer for a $5(US) fee.

Please Note; if you have GS2C shares, you can convert them to GME and transfer to IBKR at the same time using this guide.

How to Transfer:

Once your shares and €56 (or €100) are settled in Degiro, you need to send an email with a filled out transfer form and screenshot of your IBKR account.

  • The transfer form is available here.

  • Fill the ”Outgoing Transfer of Investment Portfolio form” with the following information:

    • Under Positions to be transferred you can put all of the GME shares you wish to transfer in one row.

      • Product Name: GameStop.

      • ISIN: US36467W1099.

      • Quantity: How many shares you want to transfer.

      • Exchange: The Exchange you bought the shares through. This will be in your contract notes.

    • Securities credit to be transferred can be left blank.

    • Account details (DEGIRO): Provide your username and full name.

    • Account details (IBKR):

      • Name of the financial Institution: INTERACTIVE BROKERS.

      • Account number: Your Interactive Brokers account number.

      • Full name of the account holder : Your full name.

      • This account is from the following country : Put in the country you registered your IBKR account in.

    • Print out the form, sign it, and scan it back in.

  • Send an email to if you weren't given a region specific email. (eg. in France, in Netherlands)

  • For the subject write: “GME Position transfer demand 14738/302”.

  • For the email write: “I want an outbound Basic FOP Transfer of my XX GME shares to Interactive Brokers. I accept the transfer fees”.

  • Attach the screenshot of your IBKR account, and the transfer form.

  • Hit "Send".

  • On the same day, login in your IBKR account, and click on “Transfer & Pay” from the top menu and select “Transfer Positions”.

  • On the next page select “Incoming”.

  • On the next page select “All Other Regions” from the drop down menu.

  • On the next page select “Basic FOP Transfer".

  • Select "DEGIRO" on the drop down list.

  • For “Your Account Number at the Financial Institution“ put your Degiro account number.

  • For “Name of Account Holder at Financial Institution“ put your full name as defined on your Degiro account.

  • Select the Account type (most likely individual).

  • Select the country of the Financial Institution (where you access Degiro from).

  • For the contact email put

  • You have to add the asset you want to transfer, click on “Add Asset".

  • On the next page search which stock you'd like to transfer (GME), click on “Search".

  • On the next page, click on the row “GAMESTOP CORP-CLASS A / NYSE".

  • On the next page, define how many shares you'd like to transfer and click on “Save and Finish".

  • On the next page you'll see a summary of the transfer. Click on “Continue”.

The transfer should be processed within 3 business days. You will receive an email confirming that the transfer was successfully performed.

After your shares reach IBKR:

Now you are able to request the DRS transfer from IBKR to Computershare. To do this you can follow our guide on how to DRS transfer from IBKR (link to guide here).



If you have any corrections, or know of any other brokers, please let us know through the feedback page!

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