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Direct Register Shares from Bendigo Bank

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Bendigo Bank does not direct register shares, so you need to transfer your shares to another broker that can DRS transfer.

A popular route has been through nabtrade, or IG Australia, as they are able to DRS transfer reliably and for free.

The quickest way is to open an nabtrade, or IG Australia account, buy a share, and request a DRS transfer (link to nabtrade guide here). While you wait for your Computershare account to be created, you can transfer your shares from Bendigo Bank to nabtrade, or IG Australia with a Basic FOP Transfer for free, then from nabtrade, or IG Australia to Computershare via DRS transfer for free.

How to Transfer:

Once your shares are settled in Bendigo Bank, you can send them a Letter of Instruction. The Letter of Instruction can be handwritten or typed, but it must be signed with wet ink. You can write it informally, or use the following templates: GameStop specific template, blank template for any stock.

Writing it yourself?

Be sure to include:

  • Say: “I want an outbound transfer of my GME shares to nabtrade”.

  • Your Bendigo Bank account number, full name, home address and Tax ID.

  • The stock (GameStop), its ticker (GME), and its CUSIP (36467W109).

  • How many shares you want to transfer.

  • The receiving broker's information

  • A statement agreeing to the transfer fee (if there is one). Eg: "I agree to the $10 fee associated with the transfer".

  • Optional: If you want the shares ordered in Last In First Out (newest shares transferred first), or First In First Out (oldest shares transferred first).

  • Sign the letter digitally or with a pen and scan it in, or take a picture of it.

Once the Letter of instruction is signed and scanned in send an email to:

  • For the subject write: FOP Transfer out request (Bendigo Bank account number).

  • For the message write: “I would like an outbound DRS transfer as detailed in the attached Letter of Instruction".

  • Attach the Letter of Instruction.

  • Click on "Send".

The transfer will be processed within 1-2 weeks. You will receive an email confirming that the transfer was successfully performed.

After your shares reach your new broker:

Now you are able to request the DRS transfer from IBKR (or nabtrade, or IG Australia) to Computershare. To do this you can follow our guide on how to DRS transfer from IBKR (link to IBKR guide here).

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If you have any corrections, or know of any other brokers, please let us know through the feedback page!

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