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Direct Register (DRS) your GME shares

Protect Your Investment From Manipulation

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Secure Your Investment

Expose Corruption

Prevent Rehypothecation

Revolutionize Wall Street

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The system has a massive problem.

Your investment can be leveraged against you, preventing true price discovery.
Direct Registration removes the ability for those shares to be lent out.

Keep in mind that...

  • Brokers could turn off the buy button, just like in January 2021.

  • Losses are not fully covered by insurance if brokers goes bankrupt.

  • There could be a repeat of the 2008 global financial crisis.

  • This is a chance to change the financial system for the better.


Be the Solution.
Direct Register
Your GME Shares.

Watch this video now and see how GameStop stock is being manipulated. Hear it directly from the SEC chairman, experts in financial regulation, a securities attorney, Wall Street employees, and even a former operations manager of the DTCC.

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Power to the Investors

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