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Plan or DRS holdings...
What is the difference?

Investors still must make ownership decisions even after selecting a company to support. When holding shares through Computershare, a major decision is choosing between maintaining Direct Stock Purchase Plan (or Plan, for short) account enrollment, or an account with 100% DRS holdings. Although these two holding types have many similarities, they also have distinct and nuanced differences. In this article we'll review and source these differences, including sources from the SEC, FINRA, and Computershare websites alongside Computershare's public appearances.


What causes Confusion?

The most common confusion comes from the term 'book entry' and the fact that Computershare labels DRS holdings as 'book' in the investor center.

Plan and DRS Similarities

Computershare has a specific FAQ section for DSPP which can be found here.

Both Plan and DRS are recorded in your name, and your name is reported to the issuer

FINRA: Know the Facts About Direct Registered Shares

Screenshot from FINRA Know the Facts (Square).png

Paul Conn Appearances?

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Multiple boxes or try to fit into one?

DirectStock Brochure

Screenshot from SEC Holding Securities (Square).png



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