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The Next Tech Giant: GameStop

Why are investors so passionate about GameStop?

Strong Balance Sheet and Passionate Customers

50 million loyal, paid membership subscribers. More than 5,000 existing locations across the world. $1.2 Billion cash on hand to fund growth initiatives.

Image by Minh Pham

New Visionary Chairman of the GameStop Board

Ryan Cohen, GameStop's largest investor, founded and beat Amazon in the pet market. He now sets his sights on the entertainment market.


Corporate Refresh with Seasoned Industry Leaders

Massive additions to the corporate leadership team including 400 new executives from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Chewy, etc. with significant compensation paid in stock.


Massive Addition to the Product Categories

GameStop now offers tech products, PC parts, electronics, refurbished smartphones, collectibles, toys and games, clothing, furniture and smart home equipment.

Image by Javier Martínez

The Cryptocurrency Shaking Up the Whole Gaming Industry

NFTs can be as easily traded as buying games on Steam. NFTs can be contracts, ownership certificates or any item in the real world usable in the metaverse.

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