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DRSGME is implementing a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to airdrop NFTs to donors who donated on or before October 5th, 2022. The goal for the DAO is to figure out a path forward after the second ad campaign is ran and the donation money spent. What happens next?


What's a DAO?

A brief summary:


"A DAO is an organization that operates completely through the utilization of decentralized technologies. The basic idea behind this type of structure is to be able to create a fully autonomous organization, which would operate without any outside interference. These organizations have begun sprouting up and attempting to solve various and quite interesting use-cases. There are investing DAOs, socializing DAOs, and almost anything you can think of in between. We are still so inexplicably early in this space, the future is looking quite bright, and there are no doubts - it is here to stay."  (Source)

What can NFT holders expect?

NFT holders will be able to vote on proposals at The upcoming proposals will be about what to do with the remainder geneses NFTs and how DRSGME will move forward with the next ad campaign. The direct feedback from the original donors will provide governance over how the project grows and expands. This will help keep the DRSGME team aligned with those who have donated and their ideas for any future growth they'd like to see with the DRSGME project.


The DAO will be entirely dependent on adoption from the original donors collecting the genesis NFTs that were airdropped to them via GoFundMe. If user response is low (donors are being contacted via e-mail) and adoption is not achieved, then the formation of the DAO might fail. Perhaps another avenue could be explored to form the DAO, but ideally it is formed from its original supporters.

All official DRSGME on-chain actions will be occurring within this wallet: 



You can view the genesis NFT minted by that account here.


The drsgmeorg.eth address used for the setup was created and is owned by karamorf.eth, an individual volunteer contributor to DRSGME. No donation funds have been spent on the creation of the DAO.

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