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2022 Q2-Q3 Ad Campaign

Below you will find information on the now-expired ad campaign that ran June-July, 2022, and transparency around spending and budget allocation for the first two weeks of the campaign.

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Executive Summary

Search Ads (Drive DRS & GME Investment)


Target specific keywords set to drive clicks.


USD 10 K Budget

YouTube Ads (Increase DRS Awareness)

Build awareness about what an extraordinary opportunity GME is as an investment, and help grow interest in DRS benefits.


USD 15 K Budget

Social Ads (Grow Traffic)

Target specific keywords set to drive clicks.


USD 25 K Budget

USD 50 K Budget

76 K Clicks

6.9 M Impressions

811 K Views

Market Split

Social (USD)
YouTube (USD)
15 K
9 K
1.25 K
3.125 K
1.87 K
1.5 K
3.75 K
2.25 K
1.875 K
1.12 K
1.25 K
25 K
15 K

Ad Campaign Progress

Report for June 26th, 2022 - Ads Starting Today!

The GoFundMe account has been automatically linked to the bank account created specifically for the project. This is used to pay the expenses for the advertising campaign. Shown here is a current transfer receipt. 

Since word of mouth is the primary way passionate investors spread information about GME and DRS, it might be more effective to run ads first on Google Ads, then Facebook Ads, and finally open up Youtube Ads. Re-targeting campaigns on Facebook and Google Search Ads have been set up.


Planned budget allocation by countries

  • 50% US

  • 10% CA

  • 15% UKIE

  • 12.5% DEATCH

  • 7.5% FRBE

  • 5% NORDICS

Google Ads Campaign Setup (bid strategy: "Maximize clicks")


Overview of the Ad Groups


First Draft of the Social Ads

Since the campaign has only just started, there are no reports yet in terms of actual spending or success. Weekly reports will be linked that show all relevant information. Please keep in mind that volunteers have regular jobs and this project is created in spare time because there must be a light shined on the loopholes, and lack of oversight in the financial system. No money from this campaign will be used to run the site or anything other than advertising. Updates will be provided here as soon as there is news. You can contact DRSGME at any time via the contact form.

Report for June 30th, 2022

As of June 30th 2022, $15,333 has been collected - THANK YOU!

Find below the first weekly report for the Google Ads part of the campaign. The Google Ads account has been suspended after three days, but Google is not providing a timely response for the reason.


In the meantime, the budget on Facebook/Instagram will move over to open up advertising in other countries (NORDICS/UKIE/DEATCH/FRBE).

Google Ads: Global Recap

  • Total money spent: $909.47(US):

    • Total Impressions purchased is 11,822. Cost per 1,000 Impressions (CPM, which is basically diffusion cost) is $76.93. 11,822 x $76.93 = $909.47 total cost.

  • A click-by-click breakdown of that cost for site improvement:

    • Clicks: 1,478

    • Cost per Click: $0.62

    • Cost Per Landing Page view: $0.83

    • CPLPV (How to DRS): $4.37

    • CPLPV (Register from Broker): $5.26

Google Ads: Recap Per Country, Ad Group (click to enlarge image)

google ads recap by country ad group

Google Ads: Key Insights

  • It's too small of a budget to extract decisive learnings per country/ad group, so it’s hard to determine big amelioration axes and/or ways to improve the campaign. Moreover, it can be noted that Google Ads has suspended the account – meaning that, more than likely, this budget will shift over towards Facebook Ads.

  • Nevertheless, here are a few key learnings:

    • Not surprisingly, the U.S. sees the highest performance, with the highest click through rate (CTR) at 15.10%. Meaning that, among selected keywords about 15% of the impressions result in clicks, (which themselves result in an 81% result in first landing page view) and also meaning that we have a CPLPV at $ 0.70 (as in, it costs $ 0.70 to make US users reach the landing page). Out of those who reach the landing page, about 17% will reach the How to DRS page, which is about the 2nd lowest conversion rate of the campaign – which is more than likely a result of most US users looking for those specific keywords being people who have already DRSed.

    • Surprisingly, FR sees the 2nd highest performance – but it’s mostly due to the fact that the diffusion cost ($ 51.81 CPM) is quite low compared to other countries – which means that, even if it has the lowest Click Through Rate (at 8.09%), its CPC is also among the lowest of the entire campaign ($.64). However, it’s worth noting that those clicks seems to be the most valuable of the entire campaign, and 96% of those clicks result in a landing page view, resulting in the lowest CPLPV of the entire campaign at $0.67. Of those, about 29% reach the How to DRS page – the highest rate of the campaign. To go a bit further, of those initial landing page views, about 20% click on “Register from Broker”.

      • This means that there seems to be a high interest for DRS GME in France compared to other countries.

      • Sample is less than $70 so we haven’t reach statistical relevance.

  • CA also sees a nice performance, with the lowest CPC of the campaign at $ 0.52, which is mainly due to its CPM, which is the 3rd lowest of the campaign, and its high click through rate at 11.94% - the 2nd highest from the campaign. However, you can see the 2nd lowest churn rate of the campaign upon landing page arrival, with 58% of clicks resulting in Landing page views – and of those, about 25% only result in a click on the "How to DRS". It results in the lowest CPLPV (How to DRS) of the campaign at $ 3.55.

  • DEATCH sees the “most average” result of the campaign, with a below average CPM ($61.93 vs $ 76.93 average), but also among the lowest click through rate of the campaign, which results in the 2nd highest CPC of the entire campaign at $ 0.67. We also see the “most average” churn rate of the campaign upon landing page arrival, with about 64% of clicks resulting in LPViews – and of those, only 17% result in clicks on the “How to DRS” page, which results in the 2nd highest CPLPV (How to DRS) of the campaign, with $6.12.

  • NORDICS sees hands down the lowest performance, with the highest CPLPV at $ 2.07. This is not due to its high CPM (although it’s above average), nor to the click through rate which is the 2nd highest of the campaign, but is linked to the churn rate between clicks and landing page views – only about 30% of the clicks result in LPviews.

  • Ad groups:

    • Most of the budget has been spent on DRS keywords, with $546 spent there (vs $69 on brokers and $293 on GME keywords). You can see an above average CPM at $ 93 on this ad group – however, note that for GME keywords, it is above $105, and for brokers, there is a (relatively) low CPM at $21.86. The click through rate is above average for DRS keywords, at 14% - resulting in a $0.66 CPC globally, the same one as for GME keywords (which means that GME keywords have an above average CTR).

      • However, only 76% of those clicks result in landing page view, compared to 95% for GME keywords, and only 22% for brokers keywords.

What’s interesting is that broker keywords see the lowest Click through rate with about 6.58% CTR, which, coupled to its low CPM, result in the lowest CPC. Those do not convert in landing page view, which leads to the highest CPLPV on broker keywords.

Statements for bank account  and GoFundMe , and Google Ads billing

bank statements june 30th.png
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